Teachers  2017

Bruno Prado & Julia Gunesch - Düsseldorf / Rio de Janeiro

Bruno & Julia, Psiu! Forró Festival BerlinBruno Prado was born in Rio de Janeiro and is known as Teacher, dancer and choreographer. He has begun his journey in 2008, where he started to learn all the brasilian ballroom dances. He is practicing Forro since 2009 both inside and outside of Rio de Janeiro and is qualified by the dance school of Alex de Carvalho. Bruno brought a joyfull style with a lot of energy in Forro by creating his own style. It has been nearly 3 years since he is making Tours all over Europe. His main goal is to spread Forro all around with fantastic performances and an endless sympathy, conquering more and more place in the world for the sake of Forro. 

So far he already took part in more than 20 festivals as a teacher as well as congresses and workshops. Bruno also teaches Samba de Gafieira and Zouk. Currently he is living in Düsseldorf.

Cacau Moutinho - Lille / Bahia 

Cacau, Psiu! Forró Festival Berlin
Cacau has been dancing forró since he was a kid. Native of Bahia (Serinha) he decided to devote himself entirely to music after he graduated from university. He played in several bands like Percatilha de Couro, Xote Civilizado and Rockxotesambareggaenogalope as a percussionnist (zabumba). In France, he gets fully involved with the brazil afro funk collective and plays in 3 bands: forró pitu, samba de bamba & choco brazileiro.

His great experience as a dancer in brazil leads him to give forró classes, workshops and shows, and therefore participate in developing forró in Lille, with the help of his partner Lydie, who’s also an artist of the collective.

Carlos Frevo - Berlin / Pernambuco 

Carlos Frevo, Psiu! Forró Festival Berlin
©Elitza Nanova | foto.artkrise.net
Carlos Frevo, born Carlos da Silva, is a qualified dancer. Born in Pernambuco, Brazil he has been working as a dancer, dancing instructor and choreographer since 1998. Influenced by the diverse culture of Brazil, he possesses an extensive repertoire of traditional Brazilian dances: frevo, maracatu, coco, samba, afro-brazilian dance, samba de gafieira and forró.
Since 2004 Carlos Frevo is living and working in Berlin, Germany. He is constantly developing his dance technique. In May 2012 he opened the dance academy "Dança Frevo", with which he aims to advertise the manifold culture of Brazil beyond its borders.

E.T. Capoeira - Lisbon / Recife

E.T., Psiu! Forró Festival BerlinE.T. Capoeira, born André Luiz Vieira, started dancing in 1983, in Recife, Pernambuco in Brazil, at the Ballet Dances Trapiá Company Folk of Pernambuco. 

In 1992 he began teaching and attending dance festivals in Brazil. In 1994 he made his first tour with popular Brazilian Dances. In 2001 he comes to live in Europe, in Germany and in 2003 comes to Lisbon and founded the Association Pure Art 2013 where he started the project Forró Feliz (Happy Forró).

Gabriel Silva - Lisbon / Rio de Janeiro

Gabriel Silva, Psiu! Forró Festival Berlin
Gabriel Silva began the dance at 9 years of age with Master Rachel Mosque in Cia. Dance Cariocas feet and at 15 integrated to the Academy of Dance Alvaro Reyes and Cia. Dance Alvaro's Dance - both companies made several presentations. He participated in the Ballroom Dance National Congress at the Hotel Gloria (Rio de Janeiro) and won the dance contest, sponsored by the same two consecutive years (2006 and 2007) - Junior category. 
In late 2007 he made his first work overseas in Prague (Czech Republic), where he spent three years developing a front work the Company Brazil Show. During this period did several shows in Austria, Poland, Slovakia and England. He paraded at Carnival between the years 2011 and 2014. 
He was present in several television programs and travelled to France, Switzerland, Spain and is currently developing a samba work in Lisbon.

Juliana Braga - Amsterdam / Belo Horizonte 
Juliana Braga, Psiu! Forró Festival Berlin
© Yolanda Lodeiro
Juliana Braga started her education at the age of ten in modern dance,  theatre, afro-brazilian and folklore dance at the first dance school for modern dance in the city: Transforma. 
 In 1981, Juliana’s father took her to a gafieira: a place where people  dance samba, bolero and other partnering dances, and where Juliana discovered saloon dance as her passion. She took up intensive classes with the best saloon dancers of Belo Horizonte.

From the 1990s, Juliana has given numerous workshops and creates dance projects all across the Netherlands. In 2007, Juliana opened her own dancing school in the centre of Amsterdam: Espaço Cultural. Besides forró, samba solo and samba de gafieira, she also teaches musicality and body awareness.

Junio Reis & Vera- Aachen / Belo Horizonte 
Junio Reis, Psiu! Forró Festival Berlin
Junio Reis de Souza was born in Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerias), Brazil. He started forró dancing by the influence of school friends about thirteen years ago in Brazil.
In the year 1999, he started learning dança de salão (Brazilian-style ballroom dance: forró, samba de gafieira, tango, bolero, soltinho and cha-cha-cha) int the professional dance school Academia Dançarte in Belo Horizonte. During this time at Academia Dançarte Junio has also attended different classes with well renowned Brazilian dancers like Jaime Arôxa, Jomar Mesquita and Carlinhos de Jesus.

During the past 9 years he is beeing working to expand the Brazilian dance forró giving classes in Germany (Aachen, Köln, Bonn, Stuttgart, Rostock and Düsseldorf) and other european countries like Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Russia and Poland. In 2005 Junio founded the Forró Aachen association and organizes since 2008 even year the Forró Aachen dancing Festival. He is very glad today wachting a great amount of people dancing forró outside Brazil.

Marion Lima - Paris

Marion Lima, Psiu! Forró Festival BerlinBorn in Paris, Marion Pigeard started dancing at the age of 12 studying modern jazz, tap and musical comedy. At 18 she discovered salsa and other latin dances (salsa, bachata, merengue) and since 2003 she has taught salsa lessons near Paris.

In 2004, Marion discovered forró through various different Brazilian partnerships. From 2006 after completing her training, Marion began traveling regularly to Brazil and created a partership with Marinho Braz. In 2006 she went on to create the association “Le P´tit Bal Perdu” which diffuses a culture of couple dancing, organises lessons, evening events and the Forró Festival “Ai que Bom” which will take place in Paris.

Today, Marion teaches lessons and organizes dance programs in France, Europe and Brazil to diffuse as widely as possible the culture of Forró.

Rafael Baère - Freiburg / Rio de Janeiro

Rafael Baere, Psiu! Forró Festival Berlin Rafael Baére was born in Rio de Janeiro and started dancing at the age of 8. He passed by break dance, classic ballet and contemporary dance, until he met ballroom dance at the age of 17, through his great master Maria Antonieta. He has also taken many courses at important dance schools like Deborah Colker and Angel Vianna. 
His first contact with forró was at the age of 16 and since then he just dived deeper on the embrace dances. Having lived in different cultures and practiced so many different dances helped him develop a very ecletical way of dance, in which he incorporates different body and dance technics to make a dynamic, fluid and stable dance. 
At the age of 18 he founded, together with two other friends the group "Forró nas alturas" dedicated exclusively to forró. He also participated on the group "Forró do Rio". Among his students and people influenced by his dance and his group are Ricardo Ambrozio, Miguel Gomes, Marquinhos do forró and others. In his courses, Rafael aims to work on the embrace, the connection, the musicality and the healthy posture for the dance.

Parties 2017


Opening party

DJ Tião do Forró
20 o'clock
at Dança Frevo
Mehringdamm 33, 10961 Berlin (U-Mehringdamm)


Luizinho de Serra & Band
Beto Farias - percussion
Kell Magalhães - special guest

Luizinho de Serra, Psiu! Forró Festival Berlin


DJ Tião do Forró

22 o'clock
at ufaFabrik
Viktoriastr. 10-18, 12105 Berlin (U-Ullsteinstraße)


Aja Brasil
Ajabrasil, Psiu! Forró Festival Berlin"Aja Brasil" is the synthesis of the names of the two musicians Abrao and Jabuti and at the same time the synthesis of the diversity of Brazilian music. Since their establishment in 1997, Aja consolidated their good reputation throughout their continuous presence and musical originality. Numerous shows have shown that Brazilian music is reaches an audience in every age and inspires everybody.

Geraldinho Lins & Band

Geraldinho Lins, Psiu! Forró Festival Berlin
When Geraldinho Lins was 17 years old , his mother already dead , he received out of pity his first guitar, following the advice to be careful not to mix the school grades with the musical notes. So he did his homework thoroughly. In the past 20 years, he would have made any mother proud with it, there were 16 CDs released, 10 in solo and six ahead of "Quenga de Coco", plus two DVDs, the first recorded in 2005 which won Golden DVD through more than 25.000 sold copies, and the second DVD released in 2008. As if it wasn't enough, Geraldinho Lins has more than 150 original compositions, with his own lyrics and music.
 Currently he makes over 20 shows per month. Completing 20 years of career, Geraldo Pereira Lins Filho, known as Geraldinho Lins, has still a real passion for music. "I am a happy professional and fulfilled by producing music always remembering the roots of our culture." says the artist. "The numerous partnerships with professionals who I admire are also an incentive not to let the work stop," says Geraldinho with a big smile.

DJ Tião do Forró

22 o'clock
at ufaFabrik
Viktoriastr. 10-18, 12105 Berlin (U-Ullsteinstraße)


Kell Magalhães & Band

DJ Tião do Forró

21 o'clock
at Dança Frevo
Mehringdamm 33, 10961 Berlin (U-Mehringdamm)